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When in Rome, do as the Romans do


Oh je ne veux pas que tu sortes l’automne est plein de mains coupées non non ce sont des feuilles mortes ce sont les mains des chères mortes ce sont tes mains coupées

Suzanne – Leonard Cohen

Impression, soleil levant

Helmo, colored smoke

<3 pour toujours

Yves Saint Laurent, circa 1970

helium smiles

Smiley Cloud, Stuart Semple, 2009


Tate Modern, Bankside

25th February 2009

photo © Ellis Scott

I just wanted to make a piece of work that would cheer people up a bit. I’ve had enough of the doom and gloom in the air and I wanted to show something completely positive floating up to the sky. This was the most straight forward way I could think of to literally contribute something happy to the atmosphere. I’m hoping it might put a smile on a few people’s faces as they go through their day. I’m also keen to help people remember that the success of British cultural industries is relatively new, the Tate itself wasn’t there a decade ago. I believe these cultural industries have been hugely important in the re-juvination of parts of the city, and a very wholesome and important contributor to the economy. I know at times like this it’s easy to make creativity a low priority but I want to show that on a very human level an artistic idea might be able to do something important even for a fleeting moment.

-Stuart Semple, 2009

merci todayandtomorrow

for the love of fireworks.

fireworks2fireworks1fireworks3 D’avance, je vous souhaite une année pleines de découvertes!

La Roux – Quicksand


N*E*R*D* – Anti Matter